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Shining in Misery Sizzle Reel

Check out this wonderful sizzle reel for the world premiere of Shining in Misery: A King-sized Parody featuring footage from dress rehearsal and interviews with Madeline Glenn Thomas and I. This new musical opens February 24th at Capital City Theatre and runs through March 5th. Get your tickets now - - - "It" can't be "Mist"

Composer: Andrew Abrams Lyricist: Mark-Eugene Garcia Book writer: Colleen DuVall & Mark-Eugene Garcia Director/Choreographer: Donald Garverick Musical Director: Evan Lange

Scenic and Lighting Desinger: Kevin Gawley

Costume Designer: Karen Brown-Larimore

Wigs and Make-Up: Kelly Zipperer and Jan Ross

Sound Designer:TJ Young

Props: Will Karls

Stage Manger: Alexis Wiley

Promo Video: Dave Alcorn

Featuring: Gail Becker, Cody Gerszewski, Madeline Glenn Thomas, Alex Gossard, Benji Heying, Erin McConnell, Jonathan Wagner, and Jason Williams

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