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​Donald Garverick

Director | Choreographer | Writer | Lyricist


Shining in Misery: A KING-size Musical Parody

Capital City Theatre

The Office! A Musical Parody

2019-2020 North American Tour

The Office! A Musical Parody

stays loyal to its source material just enough to please the crowd, but its real beauty comes from the way it transforms those elements of the show we know and love best. Who knows, it may even have a Dundie on its way for Best New Musical."

Charlie Taylor of The PittNews

Madeline Glenn Thomas and Patrick Constant as Pam and Jim in The Office! A Musical Parody North American Tour

The Office! A Musical Parody

is worthy of your time...

strong performances, clever moments, good laughs

and great songs.

A major highlight is the song “Threat-level: Mid-afternoon”, during which the cast race comprehensively through a

skillfully-choreographed performance of Michael’s secret agent caper film

“Threat level: Midnight.”

- Scott Sneddon of Sesaya

The cast of The Office! A Musical Parody North American Tour

Superfans of The Office will definitely love this show, but

non-superfans shouldn’t shy away. 

The Office! A Musical Parody

is a great time for anyone who comes to see it, whether you know every word to every episode or you’re more of a casual fan. 

Kaitlyn Riggio of Daily Free Press

Tim Powers (TOBY,) Sarah Mackenzie Baron (MICHAEL,) and Christian Fary (DWIGHT) performing The Dundies in The Office! A Musical Parody North American Tour

“Dust off your Dunderpedia and get ready for one wild ride."

- Samantha Wu, Mooney On Theatre

“This is a must-see production.

Original and right on the mark from beginning to end, the cast is incredibly talented,

the writing is super clever and the music is totally terrific.”


Christian Fary and Gabrielle Fillioux as Dwight and Angela in The Office! A Musical Parody North American Tour

“Let’s be honest – I had fun at

The Office A Musical Parody...

The workplace is simply what it is,

an environment composed sometimes of wonderful people (whom Michael calls his family)

and sometimes of numbskulls who should have had their rear ends fired the hell outta there. Kudos to director and choreographer

Donald Garverick for keeping this vision in mind.”

- Joe Szekeres, Chief Toronto Critic for

On Stage Blog

The Office! A Musical Parody

Jerry Orbach Theater at the Theater Center, Off-Broadway

"A boisterous, rejuvenating escape from reality that'll fill the void in your heart.’"


"The intricately weaved two-hour-long retelling of the series feels like the world’s most elaborate inside joke, created with a whole lot of love, just for fans."

- Nicole Gallucci of Mashable

Katie Johantgen as Angela and Michael Santora as Dwight in The Office! - A Musical Parody
Taylor Coriell as Pam and Tom McGovern as Jim in The Office! A Musical Parody Off-Broadway at The Theter Center

"Every once in a while a sitcom comes along that tells an unforgettable story with an irreplaceable cast. Fans remember every single sub-plot, and can recite nearly every line of dialogue. Tackling an Office musical with unfamiliar faces is no easy task, but the gang at The Theater Center, NYC pulled it off flawlessly in this love letter to the show."

- Rob Crowther IV of The Pop Break

"Director and choreographer Donald Garverick handles the unique challenges of the wildly energetic piece with creativity

and captivating flair."


"A smart nugget of delightful musical theatre that makes for an especially enjoyable, hilariously nostalgic experience."

- Iris Wiener of Theater Pizzazz

Sarah Mackenzie Baron as Michael Scott and Tom McGovern as Jim perform That's What She Said from The Office! - A Musical Parody

The Office! A Musical Parody connects the heart of the beloved source material to the much-needed laughter of a 2019 audience stuck all too often in an often-times dark world."

"The hit TV show has captured the hearts (and memes, and merchandise) of a plethora of people of all ages, races, and interests, and the power of this musical parody playing in a small off-Broadway house bringing in as diverse of an audience as television should not be under-estimated in a sector of entertainment often cited for its lack of audience diversity

and appeal."

- Nataline Rine of On Stage Blog

Rebecca Mason Wygal as Phyllis and Sarah Mackenzie Baron as Michel Scott in The Office! A Musical Parody Off-Broadway at The Theater Center

"Bob and Tobly McSmith have written the book and lyrics to a variety of other parodies including Bayside! the Musical;

Full House the Musical; and most recently, Friends the Musical.
The Office! A Musical Parody

is the best blend of writing and performing to date.
The show is well-directed and choreographed with constant action onstage: and though it's madcap, it's not rushed,

and the jokes land solidly."

Leslie Dileo - Hi! Drama

90210! The Musical

Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Plaza, Chicago


"Time is short to catch Brenda and Kelly wearing the same dress to prom, Dylan boozing his way to oblivion over a deadbeat dad, Emily slipping Brandon

some “U4EA” at a rave and

tons of fun at the Peach Pit,

but for anyone surrounding 60611 who can picture those original occurrences,

Beverly Hills 90210: The Musical
is as mandatory as 7pm on a Wednesday night
right up until

Y2K came along."

- Andy Argyrakis of Chicago Concert Reviews

Alexis Kelly as Kelly Taylor in Off-Broadway's 90210! The Musical

​"Beverly Hills 90210: The Musical

will keep audiences laughing,

and particularly for the

fans of the show,
the story hits on that nostalgia."

"The songs elicit outrageous laughter from the audience, especially when combined with Garverick’s hilarious 90s style group choreography...
Nostalgic and fun,

90210: The Musical is a must-see"

- Lauren Katz of Picture This Post

Ana Marcu as Brenda Walsh and Landon Zwick as Brandon Walsh perform New Kids in Town (reprise) from 90210! The Musical
Chicago Tribune logo

"The play’s high-energy cast

knows how thoroughly ridiculous

it all is and commits to it with endearing gusto."

- Kerry Reid of Chicago Tribune

Urban Matter logo

"90210: The Musical still rings true with lots more laughs!"

- Mira Temkin of Urban Matter

Seth Blum as Andrea Zuckerman in 90210! The Musical Off-Broadway at Theatre 80

"Director and Choreographer Donald Garverick does a wonderful job of keeping the

actors in the center of the action,
and the choreography reflects the emotional energy of the characters;
overly dramatic, playful

and tight as a unit."

- Josh Flanders
of Chicagoland Musical Theatre

Caleb Dehne as Tori Spelling in 90210! The Musical

"This show is laugh-out-loud

funny and mindless entertainment
for a slightly different

evening in the theater."

- Jeffrey Leibham of Around the Town Chicago

Audiences are raving over

90210: The Musical
at Broadway Playhouse

at Water Tower Plaza!

Hear what they have to say for yourself!

Donald Garverick's: The Red Shoes

Filmed at Mark Morris Studios

"Donald Garverick, who choreographed,
is a genius"

- Kathryn Morgan, Miami City Ballet on The Red Shoes

See what else Kathryn Morgan has to say about working with

Donald Garverick and the creation of The Red Shoes

in the video analysis.

90210! The Musical

Theatre 80, Off-Broadway NYC



Donald Garverick
keeps the energy level high,
and adds extra parodic flavor by
incorporating 90’s dance trends
into the show’s deliriously silly numbers."

- Ethan Kanfer of New York Theater Reviews

Seth Blum as Nat and Landon Zwick as Brandon performing We Love the Peach Pit from 90210! The Musical Off-Broadway at Theatre 80

"Donald Garverick (director/choreographer), who is at the helm of the show’s open ended

run at Theater 80 in the East Village,
seems to have had a blast in his mounting
of the production.
The humor is tight, concise, and clever
and the result is a solid production"

- Ryan Mikita of

Ana Marcu as Emily Valentine n90210! The Musical Off-Broadwa at Theatre 80
The Huffington Post's Stephanie Marcus reviews Off-Broadway's 90210! - The Musical

"Bob and Tobly McSmith are the masters of the unauthorized musical parody with a proven track record of pop culture parodies...
They’ve done it again with their snarky,
hilarious, take-no-prisoners
(especially if your name is

Tori Spelling) adaption of the

teen soap"

"Carmen Mendoza's costumes and

Donald Garverick’s choreography are both spot-on blasts from the past that may leave audience members with flashbacks
from your own drama-filled school dances"

- Stephanie Marcus of The Huffington Post

Alan Trinca as Dylan and Landon Zwick a Brandon in 90210! The Musical Off-Boadway at Theatre 80 logo

"This Off-Broadway show created
an intimacy unparalleled in any Broadway theater.
The audience sang and clapped to the music and cheers and
laughter abounded
throughout the evening."

- Diane DiResta of

Alexis Kelly as Kelly, Alan Trinca as Dylan, Landon Zwick as Brandon, Caleb Dehne as Tori Spelling, and Ana Marcu as Brenda perform Wil Tori Spelling Graduate from 90210! The Musical Off-Broadway at Theatre 80
Motherhood Later Than Sooner

"If it’s a night of laughs and a trip down memory lane you’re craving,

then this is the show for you. 
And, if you’re a diehard devotee of the original, hit tv series, then you’re in for

a snarky treat."

- Robin Gorman Newman of Motherhood Later

Erin Cross sings Nancy Lamott

Don't Tell Mama's NYC

Q On Stage logo - New York's Performance & Arts Reviews

Erin Cross sings Nancy LaMott: Inspirations

at Don't Tell Mama's NYC

"Erin Cross and her collaborators are
rapidly establishing themselves in the

New York City cabaret scene as the new aristocracy:
always elegant, exciting, illuminating, stylish,
and thought-provoking.
“Inspirations” boasts a script that is a
gleaming prismatic miniature,

carefully crafted by Cross
and her director, Donald Garverick."

-Thaddeus Motyka for [Q] On Stage

Erin Cross Sings Nancy LaMott: The American Songbook
at Don't Tell Mama's NYC

"Cross herself provided splendid vocals and her excellent colleagues were
MAC Award-Winning Musical Director Tracy Stark, Matthew Carlozzi on drums, and Donald Garverick as Director.
Certainly the attentive audience made no secret of its appreciation: there was thunderous applause between musical numbers and at the end of the night and, from start to finish, the air crackled with excitement."

- Thaddeus Motyka for [Q]OnStage

To Dance! - The Musical

2015 New York International Fringe Festival

Kathryn Morgan and Jesse Carrey Beaver perform Wrap Your Strength from To Dance! The Musical at FringeNYC

"To Dance is a testimony to

strong will, determination, and effort overcoming oppression

and tyranny, based on the beautiful story of the early life of dancer Valery Panov. The entire twelve person ensemble performs organically under the direction of Donald Garverick."

- Angel Lam of Theatre is Easy

Kathryn Morgan performs Dance For Him from To Dance! The Musical at FringeNYC

"The overall direction and choreography by

Donald Garverick

keeps things moving consistently

and coherently"

- Jerry Hochman of Critical Dance

The cast of To Dance! The Musical at FringeNYC

"The dancing in To Dance is great...

as pro as what you’d expect on


- Everett Goldner of NY Theatre Now

New York Theatre Now logo
Madame Sergeyeva and Valery in To Dance! - The Musical
Time Out New York logo

"To Dance leaps with energy...

Carrey imbues the lead character with grace and defiance, as well as a Broadway-caliber voice and superior dancing skills;

Kathryn Morgan, a former member of New York City Ballet, shines as his girlfriend, Galina, dancing with great strength and artistry."

- John-Stuart Fauquet of Time Out New York​

Rick Roemer and Jesse Carrey Beaver in To Dance! The Musical

Young Frankenstein - The Musical

Oswego State Theatre - Tyler Hall

The cast of Young Frankenstein at Oswego State Univrsiy performs "Surprise" - featuring staging and choreography by guest directr, Donald Garverick

"Oswego State Theatre
and Music Departments’
opening night of Mel Brooks’
Young Frankenstein
was full of creativity, passion,
humor, and talent."

- Natasha Ashley of NY Theatre Guide

Danny Stalter as Doctor Frankenstein and Nicole Marlowe as Igor performing Together Again for the First Time at Oswego State University under the direction of Donald Garverick
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