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The Office! - A Musical Parody (Off-Broadway)

Jerry Orbach Theatre at The Theatre Center, NYC

"Director and choreographer Donald Garverick handles the unique challenges of the wildly energetic piece with creativity and captivating flair... A smart nugget of delightful musical theatre that makes for an especially enjoyable, hilariously nostalgic experience." - Iris Wiener of Theatre Pizzazz

Production Credits

Music: Assaf Gleizner

Book & Lyrics: Bob and Tobly McSmith

Director/Choreographer: Donald Garverick

Assistant Director/Choreographer: Thaddeus Kolwicz

Musical Director: Tegan Miller


Michael Scott: Sarah Mackenzie Baron

Jim (& others): Tom McGovern

Pam (& others): Taylor Coriell

Dwight (& others): Michael Santora

Angela (& others): Katie Johantgen

Mindy (& others): Ani Djirdjirian

Phyllis (& others): Rebecca Mason-Wygal

Stanley (& others): Kevin Bruce Harris

Creed (& others): Bob McSmith

Production Photos

Press / Reviews

"A boisterous, rejuvenating escape from reality that'll fill the void in your heart."

"The intricately weaved two-hour-long retelling of the series feels like the  world’s most elaborate inside joke, created with a whole lot of love,  just for fans."

- Nicole Gallucci of Mashable

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