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The Office! - A Musical Parody (North American Tour)

Right Angle Entertainment

“This is a must-see production. Original and right on the mark from beginning to end, the cast is incredibly talented, the writing is super clever and the music is totally terrific.” -

Production Credits

Music: Assaf Gleizner

Book & Lyrics: Bob and Tobly McSmith

Director/Choreographer: Donald Garverick

Musical Director: Evan Rees


Michael Scott: Sarah Mackenzie Baron

Jim (& others): Patrick

Pam (& others): Madeline Glenn Thomas

Dwight (& others): Christian Fary

Angela (& others): Gabrielle Fillioux

Mindy (& others): Devina Sabnis

Phyllis (& others): Kelsey Ann Sutton

Creed (& others): Tim Powers

Swing: Yamuna Meleth

Swing: Nathan David Smith

Production Photos

Press / Reviews

The Office! A Musical Parody stays  loyal to its source material just enough to please the crowd, but its  real beauty comes from the way it transforms those elements of the show  we know and love best. Who knows, it may even have a Dundie on its way  for Best New Musical."

- Charlie Taylor of The PittNews

"Superfans of The Office will definitely love this show, but non-superfans shouldn’t shy away. The Office! A Musical Parody is a great time for anyone who comes to see it, whether you know every word to every episode or you’re more of a casual fan."

- Kaitlyn Riggio of Daily Free Press

"The Office! A Musical Parody is worthy of your time... strong performances, clever moments, good laughs and great songs."

"A major highlight is the song “Threat-level: Mid-afternoon”, during which the cast race comprehensively through a skillfully-choreographed performance of Michael’s secret agent caper film “Threat level: Midnight.”

- Scott Sneddon of Sesaya

“Dust off your Dunderpedia and get ready for one wild ride."

- Samantha Wu, Mooney On Theatre

“Let’s be honest – I had fun at The Office A Musical Parody... The workplace is simply what it is, an environment composed sometimes of wonderful people (whom Michael calls his family) and sometimes of numbskulls who should have had their rear ends fired the hell outta there. Kudos to director and choreographer Donald Garverick for keeping this vision in mind.”

- Joe Szekeres, Chief Toronto Critic for On Stage Blog

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