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Shining in Misery: A King-Size Parody

Capital City Theatre

"In between attempts at “redrum,” the company breaks into song, accompanied by impressive dance numbers by director and choreographer Donald Garverick." - Gwendolyn Rice of Isthmus

Production Credits

Music: Andrew Abrams

Lyrics: Mark Eugene Garcia Book: Colleen Duvall & Mark Eugene Garcia Director/Choreographer: Donald Garverick Musical Director: Evan Lange Cast Jack Torrence: Jonathan Wagner * Wendy (& others): Madeline Glenn Thomas

Annie Wilkes: Gail Becker *

Paul (& others): Cody Gerszewski *

Danny (& others): Benji Heying

Dick (& others): Jason Williams *

Andy (& others): Alex Gossard

Trish (& others): Erin McConnell

Production Photos

Press / Reviews

"The cast is all in fine voice, and the daffy choreography is full of jazz hands and softshoe."

"Shining in Misery floats by for two hours on a wave of cheerful and  catchy songs, a talented, high-energy cast of actors, and a barrage of  jokes both silly and sublime. You’ll float too."

- Rob Thomas of The Cap Times

"Shining in Misery, a production of Capital City Theatre directed and choreographed by Donald Garverick... is a tour-de-force of writing, with performers and technical resources more than up to the challenge. It's a load of fun."

- John Chatterton of Talkin' Broadway

"For all the mayhem and murder, the dominant note at the performance I attended was laughter; I’ve never – and I mean never – heard more of it  while watching a show on the Playhouse stage. Gloriously campy and  loaded with sight gags, Shining in Misery had the audience in stitches, yours truly very much included."

- Mike Fischer of WPW Backstage

"It’s  been said that the line between horror and comedy is razor thin, but  it’s a lot less difficult to navigate it you just embrace the chaos and  ignore it completely. That’s the key to the rollicking success of Shining in Misery: A King-Sized Parody, Capital City Theatre’s uproarious musical skewering the Master of Horror — and a hell of a lot more besides."

- Aaron R. Conklin of Madison Magazine

"In  between attempts at “redrum,” the company breaks into song, accompanied  by impressive dance numbers by director and choreographer Donald  Garverick."

- Gwendolyn Rice of Isthmus

"From  Carrie to The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Shining in Misery a King Sized Parody, covers it all. People from Castle Rock, Derry, and even as far  away as Jerusalem's Lot, are raving about this amazing show!"

- Scott Rawson of Broadway World

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